Tuesday, October 28, 2008


After the first two weeks the Nailers stand on top of the North Division with a 4-0-1 record.

Currently there are only 4 guys on the team do not have a point. Two of those four are goalies... Can you guess the other two?

Tommy Goebel was named the In Glas Co Player of the Week for Oct. 20-26. Goebel had nine points (4G,5A) as the Nailers went 2-0-1. Goebel leads the ECHL in points with 13.

John Bernier was waived today. At least we still have Cedric the Entertainer.

David Brown was reassigned earlier today. He should start sometime this weekend. Darling has seen 123 shots (28, 39, 56) this past weekend.

That's more rubber than a Swedish Hockey game...


Click here for the story if you haven't seen it already. (Not Safe For Work)

Or watch the video. (NSFW - 4:45 mark)


3d said...

Wow....when they say "you suck" they mean it !

Anonymous said...

do ya think they r serious about their hockey ? nick, i love the upgrade

3d said...

Why can't we score a goal 1 on 1 in a shootout ?

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