Friday, July 25, 2008

It's still July!

With hockey news being slower than Mark Recchi and Derian Hatcher, we need something to help pass the time by.

I revamped the site about 4 times this summer with new color schemes and new logos. After a while, it gets boring seeing the same look day in and day out.

For a while now, I've kicked around the idea of coming up with some alternative ideas for Wheeling Nailer jerseys. I really wanted to see what the jersey would look like with some different designs, so with some free time today I came up with the following. Started by making a simple blank template of a hockey jersey, and started designing all kinds of different lines and such. Plenty more will follow throughout the summer. Here is my first round of jerseys.

This is my first time ever trying to make anything like this. The following are not the greatest, qualitywise, but I hope you like 'em.

Jersey 1

Jersey 2

Jersey 3

Jersey 4

Jersey 5


Justin said...

You can't be serious.

Tony Little said...

you can't be a guy... i think some of these are actually pretty cool. at the least it gives me something to do while at work. can't wait til the season starts.

Jonathan said...

kinda cool. i've never seen anyone do this for an ECHL team before. Just NHL and AHL.

Chris said...

I'm kinda pissed that we didn't qualify Matt Dias. That kid looked like he had some potential. Someone tell me again why we qualified Collins? What a wasted qualifying spot.

Justin said...

I'm not knocking you for trying to kill time for the usual long offseason. It just seems to me the only thing that was done was a color scheme change and some stripes were added or taken away. Nothing impressive.