Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Greg Puhalski Named Coach of Nailers

Greg Puhalski will be announced at a press conference as the next
coach of the Wheeling Nailers while Glenn Patrick will remain as
a scout for the organization.

Last season Puhalski went 31-38-0-7 and was named Coach of the Year
with the Chicago of the UHL for the second time.

The other came with the Fort Wayne Komets during the 2002/2003 season
in which Fort Wayne went 44-21-0-11 and won the
Colonial Cup in the UHL.

Puhalski is the all-time United Hockey League leader in career victories and
brings over ten years of coaching experience to Wheeling.

Prior to Puhalski’s time at Fort Wayne, he spent four seasons as Head Coach for the East Coast Hockey team the Toledo Storm and posted a .638 winning percentage and 1995-1996 divisional title. Immediately following, Puhalski joined the Port Huron Border Cats of the UHL and posted back to back winning seasons until joining the Komets in 2000.

However Coach Puhalski was once petitioned to be fired from the UHL Komets,
mainly because of lack of passion from behind the bench.

Sound familiar?

To learn another lesson from R.L. Stine.

Be careful what you wish for.

Puhalski spent his professional playing days with the now defunct, Toledo Storm.


FWKRTJ said...

HAHA, my friend created that website. It was a joke (well he didn't think it was)...but the petition was never actually sent out anywhere. I doubt he even had 50 people sign it.

Puhalski isn't passionate on the bench but he is in the locker room. He'll be a tremendous upgrade for your club. He's quiet so whoever this newspaper writer're going to have to work to get any usable quotes from him because he is very low-key and doesn't speak about much.

Good coach...Wheeling should be a top team next season if he's still around...his recruiting ability is uncanny! His defensive systems are teriffic too.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if a coaching change was needed but something had to be done. A team with their promise and expectation playing as flat as we do gives me "GOOSEBUMPS". I'll remain cautiously optomistic about near future. Marsters out, Darling in...hmmmmm...none of this is any good.Du gone...Manson gone...hmmmm....not good.