Monday, December 10, 2007

Garbage Day!

I forgot today was garbage day when I woke up. In unrelated news, the Nailers claimed goalie Brett Jaeger off waivers from Utah. He's 0-5 this season so far, but he did win 40 games in two seasons for Fresno.
Here's a look at Jaegers time with the Falcons. Not too shabby.
Season  Team           GP  GA  SO   GAA   W   L   T   Pct
04-05 Fresno Falcons 37 85 2 2.49 19 9 6 .927
05-06 Fresno Falcons 37 98 0 2.63 21 6 8 .912

Here's to good luck... don't bomb.

Say goodbye to Michael Handza, as the Nailers traded him to Bakersfield for forward Justin Chwedoruk.
This actually seems to be a great trade for us on paper.
Chwedoruk's been pretty beast this year too,
scoring 11 points in 19 games (7G,4A)
and racking up 37 penalty minutes. Handza had 3 points with the Nailers,
all assist.
Curtiss Patrick's two game suspension is over after he was assessed a match penalty for Deliberate Injury of an opponent. What the heck do you call fighting? You don't just punch someone without trying to inflict pain, do you?

Gino Pisellini has been placed on the 7-day injured reserve he's a little banged up.


Anonymous said...

pshh Brett Jaeger looks LOVELY if you ignore the past 2 seasos.

Anonymous said...

This is true, however, he was on a last place team with no defense last season in Long Beach and Utah isn't much better. I think if you put forth an average effort in front of him, he'll probably be giving you a decent return. For the waiver wire, it's worth a shot.

Anonymous said...

As I am always yelling that everyone else "sucks" I am now forced to look into the mirror & realize that we "suck". No goal tending,no offense,average defense...Biss.,Sean,Jaeger,Billy, Someone please HELP!!!